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Silver Fiber Website Redesign

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As a self-described germaphobe and one who is increasingly concerned about healthcare, this website project really hit close to home. Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are one of the world's most expensive healthcare problems causing the healthcare industry to lose over $6.5 billion every year.

What I found MOST disturbing is that hand washing and sanitizing hard surfaces have been proven to be ineffective in preventing the spread of HAIs in hospitals. Hard surfaces are constantly touched and recontaminated, making it nearly impossible to keep up with sterilization. Areas that cause the greatest spread of HAIs are the soft surfaces that come into direct contact with a patient's body: divider curtains between beds in hospital rooms, bed linens, and hospital scrubs and uniforms. Bacteria and pathogens have become resistant to laundering and also aids the spread of infection to patients.

Hospitals are required to launder the divider curtains only once every six months. But most only clean them once in a 3 YEAR PERIOD. Just think of how many patients come and go, and how many doctors and nurses touch those curtains before touching a patient! This is one way that so many patients wind up with urinary tract and blood stream infections, MRSA and pneumonia. HAIs can even result in death.

Sounds grim, but this is where X-Static steps in. X-Static products are made of silver fibers that are clinically-proven to reduce bacterial growth on fabric surfaces by 99.9% within one hour. Silver has long been known for its natural antimicrobial properties and healing benefits and X-Static has woven it into its divider curtains, linens, uniforms and scrubs to powerfully combat the spread of HAIs.

Until more hospitals make this worthwhile investment in silver products, here's to hoping that none of us get sick, and let's buy some silver coats before setting foot in a hospital again!


The Partnership of The Sounds Logo Family

If you've ever been to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, then you had to drive through Washington, NC to get there. Nicknamed the "Inner Banks," Washington, NC is home to flourishing waterways in addition to wildlife in the area like black bear, endangered red wolves and millions of migrating birds. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well the problem for The Partnership for The Sounds was despite the myriad vacationers that pass through on their way to the beach, they whiz right by without stopping. Our mission was to establish The Sounds as a fun family destination and a break from the beach. We proposed giving a road map to the visitors as they traveled "The Sounds Discovery Loop" and created illustrative logos to mark the various stops along its route.

This work was fun for me for two reasons. First, I was able get out the old pencil and paper and illustrate  logos by hand, something I rarely have the opportunity to do. Secondly, this was one of my first projects I encountered after moving to Raleigh. This project was a great way to get introduced to North Carolina's landscape  and get out in the elements…something else I rarely do.

Sadly, this work was killed by the client, but it lives on here for all to enjoy. To view the logos in detail, click here.


Voice of Play Website Redesign

The Voice of Play website promotes the importance of play in the lives of children. Its goal is to increase the quality and quantity of children's play and educate parents on the many benefits of play, including the development of cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills. The website redesign includes the addition of the "Play Cafe Blog" where users can interact with each other and access the site's latest developments. Illustrations were created for each page combining families and children at play with outdoor elements.


Sydney Love Luggage Collection

The Paisley, Plaid & Stripe designs completed for Sydney Love Handbags last year and are now in-store at various airports nationwide. This shot shows the collection at a shop inside Detroit's Metro Airport.


Sign Typography

Came across this fun sign over the weekend while driving through Meyersdale, PA for the town's Maple Festival. As if the all-you-can-eat pancakes weren't enough, I came across this sweet sign for Donges Drive-In. Loved the typography and had to capture it with the Hipstamatic on my iPhone.


Creme Fraiche Design Goes Live

Welcome! For those of you who know me and are familiar with Dana Boulden Designs, I've now launched Creme Fraiche Design. New look, new name, same great graphic design! Please check back every week for the latest posts on what's currently happening in the shop.

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